Research Pros, Inc.

Private Equity

What does the market say beyond the financials? Do the companies have the talent to grow? How can we leverage resources across the portfolio?

For over twenty years ResearchPros has been working with private equity firms to evaluate opportunities, make the most of acquisitions, and maximize gains at divestiture. Our work in this space includes:

  • Pre-deal Market Intelligence – By leveraging ResearchPros qualitative market research experience, you can have a nimble strategic resource that can provide insights about targeted companies and markets that can make or break your decision.
  • Post-Deal Research – Custom research can benchmark products and services and identify new market opportunities to help you make the most of your investments.
  • Portfolio Collaboration – Strengthening a company’s position comes from not just exploiting market opportunities, but also leveraging internal resources across the portfolio. ResearchPros works with PE firms to organize executive summits, find operational synergies and develop economies of scale that allow the companies to benefit from one another.
  • Research ProTalent® – Once a business strategy is in place, you need the talent to execute. Our Talent model identifies which biographical markers are unique to your high performers, adding precision to your recruiting, hiring, retention, training and promotion.
  • Event Research – Optimizing research opportunities to uncover competitor’s strategies and customer preferences is a necessity. Deploy our experienced event research team at any conference, at any time, and capture the market knowledge you need. Whether you choose to attend trade shows, conventions, and meetings, our Research Proactive® approach establishes your presence, and allows you to focus on your business, while we collect valuable market insights.

With the explosive growth of private equity, competition is growing more intense for the best deals and the best investors. Using ResearchPros services you can bring the same rigor to the entire PE cycle that you already apply to your financials.


Research Pros, Inc., is a custom business-to-business (B2B) research firm that specializes in providing high level primary and secondary research services.