Research Pros, Inc.


Since 1985, ResearchPros has worked with all of the major global management consulting firms, as well as boutique firms, to help bring their clients the best market knowledge possible. By turning to ResearchPros for their expertise, consulting firms are freed up to focus on working more closely with their clients.

Services include:

  • In-depth Interviewing – With a focus on getting in-depth quantitative and qualitative, ResearchPros can manage and execute the entire process: from study scope and sample selection through interview execution to analysis, report writing and presentation.
  • Data Management – Research Pros offers data services from basic entry to complex analysis. Clients have used us for a range of purposes including: collection of data from various on- and offline sources, to entry and manipulation, and in-depth analysis by our staff statistician.
  • Search and Rescue® – Secondary data sources are often used to supplement primary research or as an end to itself. In either case, we use hundreds of databases to pull the hard data and the industry articles together to answer questions you may have about a given market. These data can be delivered to you directly or we can compile key findings in a report.
  • Field Research Services – ResearchPros conducts anthropological user-centered research that evaluates the true “Soul of a Store.” In addition, we perform thorough and detailed product and inventory checks to provide an accurate lay of the land within a store.
  • Event Research – Optimizing research opportunities to uncover competitor’s strategies and customer preferences is a necessity. Deploy our experienced event research team at any conference, at any time, and capture the market knowledge you need. Whether you choose to attend trade shows, conventions, and meetings, our Research Proactive® approach establishes your presence, and allows you to focus on your business, while we collect valuable market insights.
  • Thought Partnerships – ResearchPros’ intimate knowledge of our clients’ businesses have meant that we do not simply fill research orders.


Research Pros, Inc., is a custom business-to-business (B2B) research firm that specializes in providing high level primary and secondary research services.