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Event Research

Overview of conference

Each year, over 20 million events and meetings are planned in the USA alone.* Sales and marketing teams from companies and their competitors regularly attend trade shows, conferences, and expositions. Event research takes advantage of these gatherings by using them as opportunities to collect strategic market insights from event attendees.

Why should my company consider event research?

Research may not be a top priority for your marketing and sales teams attending industry events. Sales and other conference matters require all their energy. Furthermore, they wear the badges of your company, making it less likely that they can gather unbiased responses from other attendees. ResearchPros conducts event research without any visible connection to you, enabling us to collect top-tier knowledge, insights, and perceptions.

ResearchPros is also able to help you get the most out of event attendance/exhibition with an approach we call Event Metrics. This research strategy takes advantage of these gatherings to examine whether you are getting the ROI you ought to expect from your expo dollar and enlighten you as to the impact of your efforts at expos and trade shows. Learn more about Event Metrics.

How does ResearchPros conduct event research?

We set up our own exhibitor booth under the ResearchPros name. Having a clear physical presence puts us in the mix and makes us able to reach as many attendees as possible. Whether we are approached by the attendees or go to them, questionnaires, in-depth interviews, or scheduled appointments get you what you need to know.

What information can be collected?

Customer perceptions of your company’s products vs. competitor products, purchasing preferences, frequency of use, familiarity with product lines, industry trends — any knowledge that event attendees have can be gathered with event research.

How do you motivate event attendees to volunteer information?

Working within the limits of event policies, we offer attendees incentives to motivate them to participate in our research. The nature of these incentives depends on the event audience. Typically, we offer desirable small gift items to encourage participation. But for certain audiences, we may determine that offers of donations to specific charities are a more effective incentive. In other cases, with your approval, we may offer participants a limited executive summary of some of our findings. ResearchPros will always consult with you to help determine the most effective incentive for the event audience.

Why should I use ResearchPros for event research?

Since 1985, ResearchPros has provided custom business-to-business research for clients ranging from middle market companies to the world’s largest private equity firms. We have years of experience in designing, preparing, and executing research at trade shows and expos. We know what to expect and what to plan for. Our analysts possess the skills necessary to deliver the highest-quality data from a large number of participants.


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