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Research Pros CEO Conducts Talent Seminars at Jones College Prep

The quest to understand Talent is not just a matter for human capital strategists or HR gurus; teenagers are passionate about developing their lives too. Our research indicates the importance of early life influences and experiences as critical to one’s future career trajectory. CEO Dr. Howard Males and Prof. Breckie Church donated their time to design and conduct a series of seminars on talent attended by students at Jones College Prep, one of the most competitive of all Chicago Public Schools (c.f. Rosalind Rossi, “Jones Is Hottest Prep School in the City,” Chicago Sun-Times, February 17, 2005).

Students watched specially chosen movies, read biographical sketches of high performers from all walks of life, listened to the lectures of Dr. Males and Prof. Church, and, most importantly, reflected on the formative experiences in their own lives. They gained a new perspective on the nature of their own talents and how they can nurture their interests and innate abilities so as to understand how high performance can be achieved later in life. As one student put it, “It was really interesting, fun and made me think about [talent, which] I really did not pay attention [to before].”

Jones College Prep Principal Donald Fraynd, Ph.D. says of the seminars, “I heard great things about your seminar from the kids. I am so glad you are exposing our kids to this material and enjoying it….I hope we can find ways to keep you connected.”

ResearchPros is working with CPS officials to replicate the success of the program and bring it to other inner city schools.

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