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Howard Males appointed by Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle to serve as Chairman of the Economic Development Advisory Council for Cook County. (June 2013) Cook County Blog

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These “Bouncers” Can Throw Your Hiring Plans Out the Door (2017) :
When employers and employees are upfront about career bouncing and tenure, better outcomes await both.

Summoning Obama’s Talent: All Hands on Decks and All Feet on the Court (2009): What happens in real-life and fiction when talent encounters “no-win” scenarios? President Obama enters office and is confronted with multiple challenges, many of which have been purposefully constructed to elude solution. How do you play the game when the rules are broken?

Give Your Top Talent the Axe (2008): This article explores how managers often neglect to give their most talented employees the free time to improve their skills. Astute leaders must be vigilant about talent and must recognize when, how, and why high performers take time off to sharpen their axes.

Talent’s Three Degrees of Separation (2007): This article explores the relationship between the roles of formal education and talent selection/nurturing using cases drawn from recent news out of MIT and the film Wall Street. In certain instances, brute talent trumps resumes and diplomas by defying some important conventional career assumptions.

The Dark Matter of Talent (2007): An article regarding differential hiring techniques and the future of finding talent in America.

The B Side of High Performance (2005): An inquiry into whether or not companies focus too heavily on so-called A-players and ignore the contributions of the Bs. This article appeared in Crain’s Chicago Business in November 2005.

From Good to Great to Being Good (2004): An article regarding talent and business ethics based on our Research ProTalent work.

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